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What is the OpenSAP? :-)

I have 4 different plug-ins for SAP Business One  (SAP B1), that I developed privately. Since we recently upgraded to SAP 8.8.1, I have to convert them and in doing so, I am cleaning them up and open sourcing them.

They will be released in this order:

  • BSO (Blanket Sales Order) [ SAP B1 Add-On ] : Add-on to created a series of blanket sales orders instead of making them one at a time. If you’re in shipping you know why it’s needed :-)
  • WHPACK [Windows Embedded touch screen] : Order processing for SAP Business One for a warehouse packing facility.
  • WHNOTE [ Windows XP, Vista, 7 Desktop System Tray Client ] : Keeps you notified about whats going on in the packing facility (for WHPACK).
  • WAI (Whpack Auto Invoicing )  [ SAP B1 Add-On ] : Create and mail PDF invoice based on orders completed in WHPACK.

Everything is developed in C# and will be release on SourceForge:



4 Responses to OpenSAP

  1. OM Sharma says:

    Hi Jesper,

    How can I use any one of the plug-ins? Please guide me step by step as I need to contribute more for enhancement.

    Warm Regards,
    OM, India

  2. OM Sharma says:

    Great work.

    Appreciate your hard work.

    OM, SAP-B1 Project Manager

  3. David Brown says:

    Hey, any chance of this running under Monodevelop?

  4. David Brown says:

    Wow! sounds great. I have been beating my against the wall for some time now trying to get the SAP B1WS to work. Maybe there is some insight here!

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