Resume for Jesper Angelo

Jesper Rorbye Angelo

Address: PO Box 213, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Telephone: 503-877-5772




COO/CIO: Over 25 years of senior-level experience in the developing and implementing stable and cutting-edge information systems, within strict budgets. Experienced in medium and large-scale network application environment. Realistic project management and vendor control. Strong and inspired team leader. Have 360° understanding of successful running of IT department. Fast critical business decision-maker and crisis manager.

Project Manager/Team Leader: To date have managed over 10+ major projects and numerous smaller projects, primary focus on database, data delivery, and data integration projects. 10+ years leading dynamic mid-size teams, with proven ability to enhance team understanding of technology and work ethics.


Department Lead • Negotiation • Project Management • Infrastructure Development and Control • Software Design and Development • Cross Technology Integration • Process Automation and Optimization • Cryptographic and Network Security Models • Data Flow, Structures and Databases • Fault Tolerance • WAN and decentralized infrastructures • Algorithm Design • Process Optimization


COO/CIO/Technical Director

Various clients primarily in the manufacturing & academic sectors, the State of Oregon and Washington, USA


  • Lead initiative to analyze complex functional processes, design solutions, and custom programs
  • Contribute to short and long-term strategic plans
  • Design of large secure FIPS compliant networks systems
  • Participate in the development of system-wide policies and procedures
  • Plan and implement WAN networks for geographically isolated sites
  • Provide advanced technical support to operating and other supporting departments, ensuring effective and reliable IT systems and support for research and sponsored projects
  • Manage overall IT upgrade plans and network infrastructure and process automation for clients, primarily in the manufacturing and education sectors
  • Recommend systems to enhance workflow, operations, performance and reporting and improve performance in the administration of projects

Major Projects:

  • Automated Production Integration project: Columbia River Carbonates, Washington and Alaska. Duration: On-going. Goal to modernize and fully automate mining plant and to introduce automated production planning and production and integration between production and finance systems. Implemented fiscal control system, online ordering, back-end CRM and collaboration tools and quality data control flows. Implemented Safety and MSDS Online systems. Restructuring communication platforms. Strategy development to train end-users on new systems. Connecting six geographical isolated quarry facilities. 09/2008-present
  • International Sustainability & Green Tech projects: Living Islands Non-Profit 501(c)3, Oregon, USA & the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Policy work with government entities and officials. Serving as CIO/COO to organize infrastructure and back-office services for a geographically-scattered group of end-users and volunteers. Project Manager on projects providing remote education and health to isolated communities and atolls. 01/2011-present
  • Government and International Issues: COFA Alliance National Network, Oregon, USA. Co-founded and served as Organizational Secretary and Technical Director for a political organization supporting and lobbying for COFA citizens at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, OR. Negotiator, co-writer, and promoter on projects providing education and health. 01/2013-present.
  • Network Infrastructure Implementation project: Ciphaus, Washington. Duration: 2 years. Delivered network infrastructure and process automation to the manufacturing and education sectors. Managed daily management, overall planning and large-scale network implementation planning, back office server (5000+ seats) implementation. 08/2006-09/2008.


Dagbladet Børsen A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Supervised web and new media (WAP, SMS, television, wireless) services for the largest Daily Business Newspaper in Denmark
  • Manage the company website as a resource for journalists and research administrators
  • Multiple data integration projects to receive and automate the use of news media data from different sources.
  • Created user manuals and training and support documents
  • Collaborate with functional project managers on specifications and testing

CTO/Senior Project Manager

Copenhagen, Denmark / Washington, DC


IBM Denmark, Denmark, 02/1994-08/1994

International Centre for Gas Technology Information, Denmark/Gas Research Institute, Washington DC, 03/1995-05/1997

Dagbladet Børsen A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark, 05/1997-12/2000

Kyber ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, 08/1998-01/2003

  • Specialized in database intensive dynamic website solutions, data-merges, and data-flow control
  • Project managed over 10+ major projects, serving as primary designer and developer of online applications and services and general manager of external resources
  • Oversaw technical development, database administration and website technical development maintenance
  • Managed a portfolio of over 50 vendors

Major Projects:

  • Contract Development project: IBM Denmark. Developer contract with IBM Denmark for the development of a Client/Server Quality Control solution for the biomedical company Novo-Nordisk A/S. 02/1994-08/1994
  • Web-Based Implementation project: International Centre for Gas Technology Information / Gas Research Institute. Duration: 2+ years. Served as Project Manager for web-based implementation. Head of Department responsible for the Gas Technology Marketplace website implementation, development, and maintenance, technical maintenance, database development, and administration. Gas Technology Marketplace was an international joint project under the International Energy Agency (IEA). 03/1995-05/1997
  • Gas Technology database: International Centre for Gas Technology Information / Gas Research Institute. Developed and implemented the global database for Gas Technology Information for electronic information retrieval about Natural Gas in a project involving data streams and project participation from 34 countries. 1996
  • System Integration project: Dagbladet Børsen A/S. Duration: 7 years. Planned and implemented the transformation of a newspaper from traditional print media to multi-media platform delivery, including the Internet, cell phones, TV, streaming, electronic editions of material. 1997-2004
  • Remote Control Software & Network Support project: PC ComSec A/S. Duration: 8 months. Provided technical support on Remote Control Software and Network. 12/1990- 08/1991
  • Network Maintenance project: CSCE Conference. Duration: 1 month. Managed network maintenance and services in a multi-platform environment during the 1990 CSCE Conference. Required NATO Security Clearance to Secret Level. 05/1990-06/1990
  • Network Maintenance project: Sick Optic-Electronic A/S. Duration: 3+ years. Managed maintenance of network and General IT structure. 08/1991-01/1994

Served as Jr. IT Consultant for BT in Copenhagen, Denmark from 1989 to 1990, on integrating Apple workstations into the production environment.

Prior work experience in IT and technical environments, primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark, including Norcom (1984-1998), The Royal Danish Air Force (1987-1988), Apple Computer technical support (1989-1990).


Course in Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University, California, 2013. Graduated top 1%.

M.Sc. in Cryptology (Math), Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark, 2004-2006.

Data Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark, 1988-1994.


Team Leadership • Budgeting • Marketing & PR • Negotiation • Partner Relations • Project Management • Resource Planning • Strategic Planning • Technology Forecasts • End-User Training • Vendor Management


Served as a board member on the Lake Oswego School District Technology Board and Board Member on the Lake Oswego ECO School Network in Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA.