Microsoft Certified Professional, MCP ID: 29185, 1990-on

Advanced topics: Cryptology and Cryptography, Neural Networks, Number Theory, Topology.

Databases: SQL (Microsoft SQL, IBM DB/2, MySQL, Gupta, Oracle, Access, dBase), Database scripting (dBase/xBase, 4th Dimension, Hyperstack), Stored Procedures, Strong hands-on understanding of database management, optimization, and conversion

Network: Router configurations (HP, Cisco OS, Net Screen/Juniper OS, Linux Routing including iptables/ipchains), Network Topology understanding, In-depth firewall understanding, Satellite Systems, PLC networks.

Platforms: Windows (all versions), OS/2 and PM/2, DOS, Mac OS & Mac OSX, iPhone OS, Android OS, Windows Mobile 7, Unix (AIX, BSD, Ultrix and Linux), AS/400, Mobile platform content deliveries (WAP, WML, Symbion OS, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Android, iPhone), X (Unity, Xfree, HP-Vue, Motif, Solaris Openlook)

Industrial Systems: ParcView/DataParc, MP/2, ManagerPlus, PLC based configurations.

Programming & Scripting Languages: ASP.NET and .NET programming, Visual C#, PHP, C/C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio & Gnu environment), Objective-C (iPhone), Android SDK (Java), AppInventor, REXX/2, IBM ASL (Personal AS), Pascal, DOS batch scripting, Bash, PERL, sed, awk, Navigator & Financial scripting, SAP Business/1 Add-on Development (C#)

Publishing Tools: Adobe PDF programming, Macromedia publishing (Dreamweaver/Contribute), XML and TeX publishing, RIP Server Management, RSS and SGML Transformations, Mobile Content Push

System Administration: Linux Servers, Windows Servers (NT-2016), Active Directory, NIS, LDAP, and Kerberos, Netware File Servers

Virtualization: VMWARE ESX, vSphere & Workgroup Ed, XEN, Microsoft Hyper-V

Web and Web Applications: Microsoft SharePoint Deployment, Custom Development, and Management, InfoPath Programming and Deployment, Networked application structure/Cloud Computing, High-Volume Apache web-server administration, HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, AJAX, DOM model programming, JavaScript, Extensive Custom PHP Development, CRM Systems (Dynamics and CiviCRM)

Web-based eRA systems:, FastLane, NIH Commons